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Licensed Insolvency & Bankruptcy Trustee

Helping you see beyond your debt

Debt relief with the help of a Toronto Bankruptcy Trustee, and Toronto Licensed Insolvency Trustee.

A personal approach to debt solutions for individuals and business owners across the Greater Toronto Area.

Are you drowning in debt?

Losing sleep at night worrying about how to pay the bills? Are you stressed out by creditor calls, insufficient income — and feeling mentally and emotionally drained and unable to deal with all your financial obligations?

We can help. Remolino and Associates brings a compassionate approach to helping people see beyond their debt. Known for our non-judgmental and empathetic attitude, our licensed trustees offer a caring ear, expert advice and a suite of trusted debt relief solutions to assist individuals and entrepreneurs across the Greater Toronto Area.

Debt Solutions & Services

Reduce your debt, manage it smarter — or pay affordable monthly payments? Look to us for different options and a range of debt relief solutions to help you take control of your finances.

From proposals and CRA agreements to declarations of bankruptcy, our licensed trustees have the expertise, insight and a number of alternative methods available to help take the financial pressure off your shoulders.

Our Process

We begin with a candid and confidential conversation about your debt — what caused it and what are the bigger issues at play that may need to be addressed. Then, we’ll present you with recommended options to take the stress away and help you move forward with a fresh start to your finances. By asking questions about your debts, what you owe and your household budget, our trustees can provide you with more insightful advice about all of your debt relief options.

Our licensed insolvency trustees will:

  • Ask questions about what you owe, what you earn and the nature of your financial troubles
  • Listen without judgement and understand your insolvency situation
  • Advise you on alternatives and recommended solutions for you
  • Generate a plan and oversee the program you choose to manage your debt
  • Remain involved as a compassionate advisor and credit counsellor, until your debt situation is resolved, and you are ready to move on to a financially-healthy future
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